Three Wonderful Benefits of Riding a Tandem Bike – Bicycle Built For Two or Three

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Tandem Bikes are two-seater bicycles, and although not as common, tandems are also available in a three-seater as well.

With a tandem bike, each rider works equally to propel the bike, as one long chair runs through both sets of pedals to drive the rear wheel.

Here are the three most common reasons that a cyclist or cyclists chose to ride a tandem bike over a solo bike:

1. Couples that enjoy riding together but who have different levels of strength and stamina chose a tandem bike because it forces compromise in riding speeds and allows them to always be together or to keep up with the group.

2. A person with a disability who cannot ride a bike on their own would get all the benefits of cycling that they could not experience on their own. By riding with another cyclist who can take the lead and perhaps make any riding decisions, it also builds a relationship of trust and is a wonderful experience for the lead cyclist as well.

3. Young children of cyclists are not usually capable of keeping up with the adult and/or are not mature or experienced enough to handle traffic or road limitations. By riding a tandem the child gets the full benefit of cycling as well as learn the benefits of family activities.

The feel of riding on a tandem is different than riding solo. A tandem bike is considerably heavier, and has a much longer wheel base, therefore; practicing with your tandem partner on a quiet street or in a parking lot is highly suggested. Because of the size and weight of the bike, the cyclists need to practice stopping and also swinging wider around turns.

Also, tandems are considerably longer than a regular bike, so you won’t be able to carry one on your car using a standard rear-mount or roof rack. With a tandem bike, you will probably need to buy a carrier as well.

Many of the tandem bikes available are in the range of $1500 or more. If this tandem bike is going to be the main bike for adults and they ride quite often year after year, it is important to ask questions and get a bike that handles

heavier adults and heavy-duty cycling. This even applies to purchasing any single-use bicycle for any serious cyclists.

However, if used as a family cycle or with young children, there are many well-made tandem bikes or “cruiser” type tandems that are relatively inexpensive and are equally safe and comfortable as the more expensive versions.

Riding a tandem bike with a friend, mate or children is a wonderful bonding experience. You can visit parks and parts of your neighborhood and actually discuss what you see as you are riding. It can be a great learning experience for all the riders while gaining the emotional and physical benefits of cycling. With a little bit of practice, riding tandem can be mastered and open up a new world of cycling for many that would prefer the company or are not capable of riding alone.

Seriously, give it some thought – tandem biking may be the route for you. Happy Cycling!

Source by Mary Marino-McDonnell